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Alas, Pluto and Mars will be at loggerheads, at a degree square on October 27 too, so you may face a financial obstacle that you need to find the key to unlocking. If someone has been stealing from your business, you will discover the truth at this time and can put a stop to it.

This is a new moon, not a full moon, so being that a new moon opens a new path, it may take time to resolve whatever comes up. It may be that your financial situation is robust, but that you are concerned over the heath of your mother or father or the person you think of as a parent. Keep an eye on your parents, call frequently, and make it a point to know what is going on in their lives in case you are called on to lend a hand.

Simultaneously to all this, the new moon falls in your solar second house of earned income, but the moon rules your solar tenth house of career. In this case, if things work out this way, you may see changes in management or hear an announcement you did not see coming. Whatever comes up, your reputation will stay secure—it seems that you will need to adjust to a change of some kind. I am not saying that it is easy to adjust, so in no way am I being dismissive here. I want to underscore that your reputation will remain strong no matter what happens. The new moon of October 27 has some good points too, in that Venus, your ruler, will receive powerful, positive vibrations from Pluto in your home sector, suggesting if there is a problem with your plans to move house or you have a concern over the health of a parent, you will be able to find a solution.

Mercury is about to go retrograde October 31 until November 20, and that is another reason you will need to have as much done in the early part of the month as you can. Press forward with vigor as you start the month. You will begin to feel the slowdown of Mercury as soon as October Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio and may delay a payment you are expecting. You will receive the payment eventually, but it will take time. As you see, much of late October will center your thinking on financial matters. A light schedule in the last week of October will allow you the time to move in any direction that you might need to take.

Everyone, of every sign, will feel the tensions of this unpredictable new moon of October 27, so you are not alone. If you find yourself in a financial jam, your family loves you and will be ready to help you, even if they have never helped you financially before. Let that knowledge be warm comfort to you. Remember too, that you have Mars in Libra, allowing you to start an entirely new two-year cycle. Influential VIPs will want to hear what you have to say, so speak up and press forward. You will be received warmly and welcomed into all the right offices.

Ever since Uranus, the unpredictable planet, entered Taurus permanently on November 6, , to stay until November 7, , as a Libra, you have had to adjust to a new set of financial circumstances. This month appears to bring a financial challenge in the last week of the month, at the new moon in Scorpio, on October 27, when Uranus will send angry beams to the Sun and new moon. News about money that you expect to arrive might not, but something else will. No one can say how you will react to this change, but it does look like you will be temporarily unnerved by the sudden financial news.

When Mars finally does arrive in your sign, VIPs and family will listen to what you have to say, and your persuasiveness will win them over, and that includes even the staunchest critic. Your biggest expense appears to be directed toward your family or regarding a home or property matter. You may be about to lease or buy a house, or buy furniture, but your family or your mate could have conflicting opinions about your plans. This means you might have to spend as much time defending your ideas as you will implementing them.

Alternatively, your rollercoaster financial situation may be due to the economic environment in your region and could make you feel temporarily stuck or unsure of what to do. Mistakes proliferate during these periods, so check your bank and credit card statements to ascertain that it reflects no unauthorized activity. In this regard, you are in luck.

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As you enter October, you will have the new moon, Sun, Mercury, and your ruler Venus—all in your sign Libra—to support you as you enter your new birthday year. That is a remarkable amount of planetary energy to support your every wish. Planets are forever on the move, however, so this advantage will begin to evaporate by the third week of October. Early in the month, you will have an open road to accomplish things your way.

Mars, one of the most important planets to have on our side, will enter October 3 and stay until November Use all the planetary energy you have when you have it—that means start early in the month and see anyone who will see you! At the October 13 full moon, you will only have both adoring eyes on your partner. Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices!

To view the current horoscopes, click here. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller With a crown of stars in the form of sweet little planets in Libra gathered in your first house as you begin October, you are feeling optimistic and energetic. View Previous Month. Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world.

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Age of Aquarius. Table of Eclipse Dates from to Watch if a financial matter arises over the November weekend. There will be two aspects completely opposite in meaning. Sometimes the universe plays tricks on us, and this is one of those days. On Sunday, November 24, Mars in Scorpio will oppose Uranus in Taurus, and each planet is attacking one another from your two financial houses—your second and eighth houses.

Protect your valuables by making sure you have the right insurance, and also collect your valuables computer, tablet, iPhone when moving about on trains, planes, and automobiles. Now for the great aspect landing on the same day, Sunday, November Venus will make its rare and special conjunction to Jupiter.

Everyone will like this aspect, but you will like it more because your ruler is Venus.

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These two love birds will meet in your house of home and family, the perfect weekend to have a party for friends and family. The new moon of November 26 will introduce a very busy period where many phone calls, emails, and quickly arranged meetings will come up. You also might be asked to make a short trip in the days and weeks that follow this new moon. If your birthday falls on September 27, plus or minus four days, you will feel the uplifting effect of this new moon. The same is true if you have Libra rising zero to eight degrees, have the natal moon in Libra within those degrees, or if you were born with a natal planet in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius in that same zero-to-eight degree range—that planet will be lit up and helpful to you.

Neptune, the planet of creativity and the arts, will turn direct on November 27, having been retrograde since June Watch the days that immediately surround November 27 for news that you are close to a breakthrough on an important project. Venus will tour Sagittarius most of November, until November 25, and Sagittarius is a fire sign that blends beautifully with your sign.

Venus will add charm and charisma to your persona, and you will effortlessly draw others to you. If you are married or dating seriously, Venus will add sparkle to a weekend trip together. Your best weekend to go would be November Your finances may have been consuming your thinking ever since the difficult new moon arrived late last month on October You seem to have received unexpected news about money that jolted you.

You may not have received the raise you had hoped for or were surprised by a large expense. As you enter November, you still seem to be thinking about how to improve your cash flow. A new moon starts a path forward, so you will need to be vigilant about unexpected expenses in the weeks ahead.

Your meditation and possible reorganization of your finances may come up at the full moon of November It might require you pay a financial obligation. Because the full moon is in earth-sign Taurus, it will urge you to be practical and realistic about your current situation.

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It is also possible you will file estimated taxes or send in a college tuition payment. Until January 3, you will be spending more than usual during this period.

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  6. You may already know about payments you will need to make along with gifts to buy for the coming holiday season. One very difficult day for your finances might be November 24, when Mars opposes Uranus. With so much emphasis on money, you also will be motivated to find new ways to increase your income. Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, is currently in your communication sector, so jobs that rely on your talent to write, speak, teach, or edit or do social media, publicity, advertising, or marketing could be areas of lucrative gain.

    One of your best days on the job or to interview for a job will be November 8 when the Sun will receive stabilizing beams from Saturn. On this same day, the Sun will work with creative Neptune from your workaday sector. Neptune will help you come up with imaginative ideas for your latest assignment. Those ideas could result in a raise or, if self-employed, the opportunity to charge more. You will enjoy romance when traveling short distances.

    Venus will spend a lot of time in fire-sign Sagittarius, your third house of quick jaunts, until November 25, a friendly sign that blends well with your air-sign Libra Sun. Your best weekend for a carefree drive into the country will be November Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! Your Horoscope by Susan Miller Last month was birthday month, but many Libras wrote to me on Twitter and Instagram to say that they struggled with challenges that came up in October.

    View Previous Month. Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. See Another Sign's Monthly Horoscope:. New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone. Sign Up Now. News You Can Use. Age of Aquarius. Table of Eclipse Dates from to Daily Horoscopes. Get Susan Miller's Mobile App. Apple Android. Daily Astrology Zone Online.