Bucket shaped astrological chart

The 'Locomotive' chart is one in which the planets are pretty evenly spaced, except for 2 or 3 consecutive houses, which can be up to 4 consecutive signs that contain no planets.

Bundle Chart Shape

On the one hand this pattern can indicate that the 'lead' planet clockwise and its house will be of special significance in the persons life. However, the consecutively empty houses signs , can also indicate areas or vulnerability which require special attention. The 'See-Saw' can indicate fluctuating behavior patterns.

There are two very distinct sides to this individual's personality.

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Whether there will be indecisiveness or a conflict within the person will depend upon the aspects. Contrary behavior and actions often occur. The Sling A 'Sling' is like a 'Bundle' but one of the planets or a conjunction within 8 degrees of one another of planets are outside of the degree area.

This configuration is very similar to the 'Bucket', but the 'handle' planet s holds much more significance. Not only might this person be somewhat obsessed, as in the Bundle, but the energy from the Bundle of planets is directed towards the 'handle'.

Locomotive Chart Shape

This can often indicate someone that has a vocational calling or feel they have a mission in life. Special attention should be given to the placement by house and sign of the 'handle' planet s. In a 'Splash chart the planets are evenly placed and occupying most of the signs. This can indicate considerable instability between the two clusters where oppositions predominate, as the native tends to express first one side and then the other. The person can find it difficult to integrate these two sharply different parts of their life, which are often in competition with each other.

However, success produces the increased sophistication and polished, knowing demeanour of a person who is able to deal with most of life's situations. As its name suggests this pattern, or rather lack of pattern, occurs when the planets are randomly distributed around the chart in a 'splash'. A true splash pattern should have at least seven tenanted signs or houses with no major stellia. A person with this pattern will have diversification as their number one asset, with a universal and enriching mental outlook on life.

The person will be eager to share their life and resources as universally as possible, wherever the need is greatest.

Astrology Lessons: Chart Patterns

However, as with the splay pattern, there is a danger of the person scattering their energy unproductively. For horoscope examples of the different patterns, see the individual entries in AstroWiki.

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Natal astrology

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So the right hand side is West - the Descendant or setting point is the cusp of the seventh House in most house systems. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere picture yourself facing due south, the Sun will rise over your left shoulder and move from left to right in front of you, finally setting just over your right shoulder. If you're in the Southern hemisphere again picture yourself looking due South, but in this case the Sun's movements are behind you instead of in front of you. An East or left side dominated chart is supposed to show you as self reliant, whereas the right side is supposed to show a focus on others this really is a very simple view and heavily dependent on the fact that the first house is you - mind, body and spirt - and the seventh house is virtually everyone else, apart from close family.

Your description of the bucket is quite sound in modern interpretation, though the singleton should be in opposition to the centre of the others.

source site Chiron is stretching matters for many astrologers as the handle of the bucket but you will find devotees who will go with it. The Bowl chart is supposed to show that your life is always dominated by opposing choices. These views above are part of a psychological approach to Astrology, an approach which dominated without hardly any dissent for the last 40 years or so, but is increasingly being challenged by Astrologers who believe that charts are not just mind maps but cover both you and the external world.

The standard interpretations of buckets, bowls, etc, only work if you see the chart as you and nothing else. The view of the eighth house as covering matters of sex is also a psychological one. As I'm sure you are aware, since Freud's time sex has been seen as a somewhat dark driving force in our lives.