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Communication is the key to the success of a relationship, without Aries Cancer communication , the relationship could break. Having understood this, it is important for you to know the communication side of both you and your partner. Your compatibility test shows that both of you tend to be impulsive in a relationship. You both always want your relationship to count at all cost and often cut short the conversation when you feel you are losing out. Both of you are good at pushing your claims hard and always want your partner to take your claim as the right one.

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Furthermore, Aries Cancer star signs have two different perspectives on life. This difference in perspectives often makes it very difficult for you to communicate peacefully. For you to enjoy this relationship, you both need to understand yourselves but how can you when none is ready to give in to the other.

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In addition to this, the relationship will be ridden by Aries Cancer misunderstanding and insulting words. Regarding relating together, you find it very hard to come together and discuss plans. Most time, you end up treating yourselves badly. However, how you need to deal with this kind of situation is understanding. Your relationship is a combination of Aries Cancer sexuality and asexuality.

You, as an Aries, is considered to be the most sexual of all zodiac. In fact, you are always ready to do it. Also, you believe that relationship is continued only on the platter of sex and not emotional attachment. However, your spouse, Cancer, is considered to be an extremely asexual individual who finds it very difficult to go after sex.

Psychologically, it is a challenge for you to convince your lover to have sex with you. Most of the time, you will start becoming suspicious and tend to go after other people outside to satisfy your sexual urge. You will only allow Aries Cancer sexual relationships that are emotional and meaningful.

The Aries Cancer planets that rule your relationship are Mars and the Moon.

Mars is one of the rulers of your relationship because it happens to be the ruler of your personality. On the other hand, the Moon serves as the ruler of your spouse, Cancer.

Moon in Aries Horoscope (All about Aries Moon zodiac sign)

You are going to be a challenging and robust person due to the influence of Mars. In addition to this, you will find it very easy to openly challenge people. You are also going to find it very easy to test and stretch yourself into doing some things that you would naturally not do. In addition to this, you will endow with masculine energy which you do not have problems of releasing. The Moon serves as the ruler for your spouse, being a native of Cancer.

This makes your Aries Cancer compatibility to be full of passion and emotions. The combination of you and your spouse will be a great one as your spouse will always be ready to work on the screen for you. Although your spouse can be a little bit sentimental, you will be free and independent. Unfortunately, you've talked and talked and talked, and now, they all know you'll talk if they confide in you. You know it, too, and you still can't help it. No matter how hard you try, you simply can't force yourself to be as loyal or honest as you want to be.

At least you're charming enough to keep making new friends and replacing the ones who felt too hurt or betrayed to trust you again. Cancer, you do so much for the people you love, and though you don't like to admit it, you think you deserve more than they give back. What you probably like to admit even less is the only thing you love more than caring for your loved ones is reveling in your overdeveloped martyr complex. You don't just think you're getting the short end of the stick; you know you are, and that knowledge only strengthens your perception of yourself as the strong, suffering caregiver who soldiers on in the face of mistreatment and ill fortune.

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The moon's phase and the house it occupies — in a birth chart, "houses" refer to different areas of life — reveal how and where we express our emotion. For instance, someone with a Capricorn moon in the ninth house, the zone that governs expansion, feels emotionally satisfied when achieving greatness through exploration. Accordingly, this person may love to travel for work.

Someone with a Scorpio moon in the seventh house, the zone that governs partnership, may feel most fulfilled through deep, intense bonds.

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This individual must remember to not get lost in relationships and maintain a solid sense of self. Your moon sign provides dynamic insight into your psyche, so it's important to build a relationship with this placement. Don't hesitate to create your own interpretations for how the different planetary energies in your birth chart blend. A thoughtful analysis of moon signs always requires a deep dive into the soul, and your moon sign will always be energized when you show yourself honest compassion.

Your moon sign assumes the reflective qualities of each astrological sign — find it by casting your natal chart or by using a specific moon sign calculator. Remember, the moon changes every two and a half days, so if your moon sign is at the beginning or end of its cycle, your exact time of birth is very important. Once you know yours, use these descriptions of moon sign meanings as a jumping-off point for further exploration. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is known for an impulsive and fiery disposition.

Likewise, those born with an Aries moon are often identified by their signature hot-headedness. Aries moons know what they want or, at the very least, their desires can feel like needs. They're emotionally satisfied by excitement, spontaneity, and victory, whatever that means to them. Taurus is one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac.

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Those born with a Taurus moon are satiated by cozy environments, delicious meals, and expressions of luxury. The Taurus moon is a creature of habit and will always prefer stability over change. Gemini is known for mercuriality after all, this air sign is governed by Mercury. A Gemini grounds themselves with facts and information, so communication is paramount for those born under a Gemini moon. It is critical that Gemini moons have outlets for expression: They should celebrate their loquaciousness and socialize in a variety of communities. The moon governs Cancer, so as a moon sign, Cancer is in its planetary domicile.

Those born under this lunation are extremely impacted by their surroundings and can instantly read the energy of a room. As the moon is constantly changing, their emotions are always in flux. It's important for the Cancer moon to always feel safe and supported. Leo is ruled by the sun, but in a moon placement, this fire sign needs to work twice as hard to make sure it's visible. The Leo moon is a creative spirit, fueled by warmth, generosity, and naturally an audience. The Leo moon hates to feel eclipsed, so those born under this lunation should find stages on which they can share their innate gifts.

Virgo is the most analytical sign of the zodiac. Accordingly, those with a Virgo moon placement are satisfied by logic, organization, and structure. Virgo moons excel at creating comprehensive, dynamic systems for themselves and, perhaps even more importantly, for others. They love to be helpful and are always fulfilled when contributing in practical ways.

Libra is symbolized by the scales, a visual representation of balance, harmony, and union. Those born under this lunation are natural mediators, and Libra moons are happiest when keeping the peace. They also thrive in partnership, so it's common to find Libra moons moving seamlessly between relationships. Scorpio is a water sign, known for its high-octane emotional intensity.

Scorpio moons crave deep connections and transformative experiences, and they also take privacy seriously. Those with this placement should honor it by creating and maintaining boundaries.