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What brings you joy? And remember, is a 3 Universal Year for everyone, so you get to double-down on effervescence this month. The spirit of a number 3 Month focuses on all things self-improvement related.

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New haircut? A wardrobe upgrade? Sign up for that online course? February is also a great time to fine-tune the way you choose to communicate. The entire month will support all aspects of emotional self-expression and creativity. The energy of the 4 Month this February beckons you to get down to business. Tap into your ability to be as orderly and systematic as you possibly can and handle matters in a practical and down-to-earth manner.

If you need to deal with contracts, agreements or similar legal work, be patient, expect delays and extra negotiations. Try not to let frustration creep in. Instead, accept interruptions with a detached and diplomatic understanding of the circumstances involved. Let situations unravel in their own time.

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Remember, with your 2 Personal Year feelings and emotions may bubble up when you least expect it. Around February 6, keep a close watch on your projects and take advantage of any shifts that allow forward momentum. Meanwhile, focus on wellness. Need to integrate a few more days at the gym during your weekly routine? Do it!

Schedule that yearly check-up. Focus on practicalities and check them off your list. February brings the high-frequency energy of the 5 Month your way.

Numerology : the number 2 personality (if you're born on the 2, 11, 20, 29)

Time spent with friends is especially favored for you in February. One is silver and the other is gold!

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Yet the energy of the number 5 also brings in levels of restriction or even a fear up for review. Throughout the month, you may also experience issues regarding legal, tax or insurance affairs related to your property.

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Accept support and help from the ones closest to you, even though that may not be their or your! A few subtle actions—perhaps ones catalyzed by other people—are apt to add up to substantial forward movement as the year progresses. Your 4 Personal Year is an ideal time to set up systems and foundations that make your life easier and more productive for the next five years and beyond.

The energy of the 6 Personal Month increases your sense of responsibility and helps you see the big picture. If interruptions could get in your way, never fear, this is also a time to bask in the warm-fuzzy glow of QT with loved ones. In the video below, Tali and our resident numerologist Felicia Bender explain the significance of , which is a 3 Universal Year. In your alone time, you can assimilate the important changes from past month—and to consider the best ways to implement them. Answers and ideas manifest through slow contemplation.

Think of this as a time for data collection.

Once you have all the facts, you can start determining the most relevant information for your chosen project, one that could be related to relationships, career, etc. For now, focus on preparation rather than fast-and-furious action. Show me the money! As an 8 Month, February demands that you slip on your power suit and take charge.

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Around February 2 or 5, a new opportunity may come to your attention with potential to cannonball you into an opulent future. During a 6 Personal Year, your focus is on family and home, bringing you some added responsibilities in these areas. In some instances, relatives may open doors or help with your professional progress. But be prepared that interference in family affairs that may conflict with your business goals, particularly during the week of February This is for wellness junkies who are looking into numerology for February Perhaps knowing that everyone is paired up and doing the same inner work is encouraging.

It serves as an invitation for deeper conversations. Get involved in these wellness events in Asia for Weighing pros and cons for too long can hurt your productivity, so make sure you exercise some grounding practices such as meditation, a walk in nature or simply sitting under a tree before or after work or during your lunch break. Check out these meditation centres in Hong Kong. We get so wrapped up in adulting that we often neglect what the child within us wants.

Remember those things you wish you got to do or say as a kid? Do they still resonate? Block out an hour, a few or a whole day where you get to wander, be creative and explore without any judgement. Give yourself a free pass to be that seven-year-old you again, and with that in mind, how would you like to spend your day? Here are 5 unscientific ways to relax in Hong Kong that include cuddling animals! Need some inspiration after learning about numerology for February ? She spent most of her life living in Los Angeles and moved back to Hong Kong to get in touch with her roots.

When she's not facilitating private holistic healing sessions or classes, she loves writing, discovering new ways to promote our well-being and drinking tea.