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Read More Read More. Full Moons bring revelations, their brightness illuminating what has come to either crisis or culmination. The sector of your chart she…. Happy New Year, star gazers!


Each New Moon brings a new beginning. A new cycle begins. When the Moon lays bare and unadorned in the presence of the strength of the Sun, we feel more united…. Ahhh, Mercury Retrograde. Even the average layperson who has no knowledge of or even an interest in astrology knows that this is the time to groan, to expect delays, mistakes, mishaps, and mis-communications.

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But AHA! Best Work-at-Home Jobs. The Value of an Astrology Birth Chart. Chinese Horoscope Compatibility for Animal Signs. Strangest Sex Laws in the U.

One of the best We're talking about consequences, Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, your vote is important Horoscope Abracadabra! It's a magical four-day charm when the Libra sun aspects Neptune. Get ready Daily Readings. Sources of water are shrinking.

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Droughts are becoming more common and prolonged. Mostly because of climate change.

The good news is that lots of people are responding to the crisis with alacrity. Among them is an engineer in India named Ramveer Tanwar. Since , he has organized efforts leading to the rejuvenation of 12 dead lakes and ponds.

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I propose we make him your role model for the coming weeks. I hope he will inspire you to engage in idealistic pursuits that benefit other people. And I hope you'll be motivated to foster fluidity and flow and wetness everywhere you go. The astrological time is ripe for such activity. AQUARIUS Jan 20—Feb 18 : A blogger named Caramelizee offered her definition of elegance: "being proud of both your feminine and masculine qualities; seeing life as a non-ending university and learning everything you can; caring for yourself with tender precision; respecting and taking advantage of silences; tuning in to your emotions without being oversensitive; owning your personal space and being generous enough to allow other people to own their personal space.

You've been working extra hard and extra smart. But it seems that you haven't been fully recognized or appreciated for your efforts. I'm sorry about that. Please don't let it discourage you from continuing to express so much integrity and authenticity. Keep pushing for your noble cause and offering your best gifts.

I'm proud of you! And although you may not yet have reaped all the benefits you will ultimately sow, three months from now I bet you'll be pleased you pushed so hard to be such a righteous servant of the greater good.

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