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Or, at least, to start the process. Waste no time! There are two types of planetary aspects affecting all Capricorns at the moment; long-term formations which are difficult to pin down to a specific time, and short-term fluctuations which produce sudden changes of mood or plan. It is the latter which predominate today. Whatever else happens, you can be sure that you are in a generally favourable period: the upsetting impact of Mars in personal relationships is countered by the confidence-boosting alignments of Mercury and Jupiter.

The best advice comes from younger friends: chill out!


By now you are thinking along totally new and original lines, and you should feel absolutely certain that things work out to your advantage. You must make sure that partners and colleagues understand your plans perfectly, otherwise you could miss out on their support. Click here to cancel reply.

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Close companions do seem to be on a different agenda. Treat it as a chance for space. Your boredom threshold is low, so you may jump into action just to avoid the tedious process of making considered decisions.

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You will gain a great deal of encouragement from your friends. This is your time to set the agenda for the next 28 days and they can help you sort out your options. You may be feeling too sensitive on one score and interpret as criticisms things that others say which were never meant to hurt. So, do what suits the influential people at work or out in your community.

Cater for their needs, not your own, and then you will get all the compliments you want.


You have a sharp, fast-moving mind now with Mercury in the inventive area of your chart. Remember to write things down since you can be absent-minded, forgetting your brilliant inspirations as soon as you have them. In a restless mood, you want to be anywhere other than where you are.

But if you are stuck in the one place, go talk to more adventurous people, find some stretching book to read. You want to know the common sense reasons for doing everything, and get irritated by workmates who are prone to flights of fancy. Just try to let a little of your own creative imagination get to work.


There will be certain points in the day when you want to get down into the depths to investigate until you find long-term kind of answers to do with financial matters. You see no reason to pull your verbal punches, so mates may need a thick skin because you treasure the truth. You know that there are improvements waiting to be implemented, and that only you can take the right initiatives.

In general, events should start to move in your direction, although you must be both flexible and decisive.

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Do yourself a favour and put more energy into social arrangements. This is an ideal time to arrange interviews and push yourself forward. Good news is coming, but not just yet.

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